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In this blog, I will discuss the top things to do in Tikapur, Kailali. Tikapur is one of the biggest cities in Sudurpaschim, after Dhangadhi and Mahendranagar, and is located in the far western region of Nepal. Tikapur is a municipality in Sudurpaschim, Kailali district. The city is located along the banks of the Karnali River. The area ranges in elevation from less than 300m to more than 2000m above sea level. Tikapur is a city which has a population of 89,835 people.

Famous places to visit in Tikapur

Tikapur park (टिकापुर पार्क)

During the reign of King Mahendra, Tikapur was chosen to build one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Nepal, ‘Tikapur Great Garden’. The king’s health and wellbeing benefited from the garden’s natural and fresh surroundings. As a result, this location is also known as King Mahendra’s vacation place.

It was established by King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. During that period, his health was deteriorating owing to heart problems, and the doctor advised him to rest. Despite his condition, he continued with the construction. Because of its healthy and vibrant environment, it resulted in favorable changes in his health after it was created. As a result, this Tikapur Park is today known as The Resting Place of King Mahendra Tikapur Park.

Tikapur Park

This park has become a tourist hub over the past decade. Many people from all parts of country come to explore the park. Not only from Nepal, but people from neighboring countries come to visit this beautiful place once a year. Tikapur Park is also known as a botanical park, as students from different universities and campuses come to study about the plants and flowers.

Banana Agro Resort

Banana Agro Resort began its long history in 2005 with the goal of bridging the gap between tourism and eco-friendliness by focusing primarily on its in-house production of bananas and its products.The iconic hotel in Kailali, Tikapur, is the sole resort that stands proudly in the far-western region, giving great hospitality and a suitable setting for vacations, quick-getaway conferences, and weddings. At Banana Agro Resort, we believe in environmentally conscious luxury accommodations as well as a natural setting. The Agro Resort is well-known for its long history as a pioneer in banana goods, with over 50 culinary dishes created from bananas serving as a key draw.

Banana resort
banana resort product

Karnali River (कर्णाली नदी)

The Karnali River(Ghaghara) flows 671 miles from Mt. Kailash on the Tibetan Plateau to its confluence with the Ganges River in India. The river offers water for millions of people, fish, and animal resources, and has a great value for ecotourism, particularly whitewater rafting and as an approach route to the Sacred Mt. Kailash. Throughout the Karanli River Basin, these natural services support livelihoods.

Karnali bridge
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The Karnali, an ancient river, was present when the Himalayan Mountains were driven up by the collision of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates. The river sliced into the terrain as the mountains climbed, the serpentine course already in place. Steep stream gradients, boulder-strewn stretches, and world-class whitewater rapids are created by hard rock ledges and ancient and modern landslides.

The asymmetric, single-tower, cable-stayed Karnali Bridge is the second longest of its kind in Nepal and was developed via international collaboration between the United States, Japan, and Nepal. This bridge is over the Karnali River and is the only medium to connect the far-west region of Nepal. The bridge is located on the Mahendra Highway near Chisapani, on the boundary of the districts of Kailali and Bardiya. The bridge is 500 kilometers from Kathmandu and 86 kilometers from Dhangadhi, Kailali. There are also lots of Things to do in Dhangadhi.

Ghodaghodi lake (घोडाघोडी ताल)

Ghodaghodi Tal in western Nepal is a Ramsar site. It was founded in August 2003 and encompasses an area of 2,563 hectares (9,230 kilometers) in Kailali District at an elevation of 673 feet on the lower slopes of the Siwalik Hills. In March 2022, it was designated as a bird sanctuary.

ghodaghodi taal

The lake is home to 388 vascular plants, including five ptredophytes, 253 dicots, and 130 monocots. The forest and ponds provide a wildlife corridor connecting the Terai lowlands and the Siwalik Hills. They help species such as the Bengal tiger, smooth-coated otter, Eurasian otter, swamp deer, lesser adjutant stork, red-crowned roofed turtle, and three-striped roofed turtle. 26 mugger crocodiles were discovered in 18 lakes during a study in February 2021.

Bardia National Park (बर्दिया राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज)

Bardiya National Park in Nepal was founded in 1988 as the Royal Bardia National Park. It is the largest and most pristine national park in Nepal’s Terai, occupying 968 km2 and bordering the eastern bank of the Karnali River and being bisected by the Babai River in the Bardiya District.

Bardiya national Park

Since then, the park has grown to become one of the best in Nepal. An exceptionally wide assortment of flora and wildlife may be found in lush, thick forests, savannahs, and riverine woods. Endangered species found here include rhinoceros, wild elephants, tigers, swamp deer, gharial crocodiles, Gangetic dolphins, Bengal floricans, and the Sarus crane. The park’s variety and richness of life are enormous, with at least 150 kinds of reptiles and fish, over 400 species of birds, and 48 distinct animals reported.


In this blog, I discussed the popular place to visit in Tikapur, Kailali, which can be one of the famous destination for you if you visit once. Tikapur is emerging city and tourism hub for farwest. Your visit can help locals to grow their businesses. Please do visit Tikapur once with your family and friends.

FAQs about Tikapur

  1. What is Tikapur famous for?

    Tikapur is famous for Park, which is also known as Mahendra Park (Mahendra Resting Place). Moreover, it is also popular for Banana Garden (Banana Agro Resort), where you can find different varieties of banana products like wines, foods, and so on.

  2. How far is Karnali bridge from Tikapur?

    Karnali Bridge is 27.2 km away from Tikapur which is 47-minute drive if you go by vehicle.

  3. What is the postal code of Tikapur Kailali?

    The postal code of Tikapur Kailali is 10901; Dhangadhi is 10900; and Mahendranagar is 10400.

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