Oriental bay beach
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Oriental Bay Overview

In my last blog, I discussed the Top Beaches in Wellington. In this one, I am going to explore deeply about the Oriental Bay. Oriental Bay is in central location in Wellington, with an inviting sandy beach and great restaurants only a few kilometers from the CBD

On a nice weekend day, the bay’s Oriental Parade spans from the downtown business area to Point Jerningham and is a popular hangout for residents. Many of Wellington’s most affluent residences are located in this region, which is a mix of ancient character houses and new luxury apartments.

Children will love constructing sandcastles on the sandy beach, and swimming in the sea is safe when the weather is warm enough. The Carter Fountain, located offshore in the bay and based on a fountain seen by its patron, Hugh Carter, for whom the fountain is named, is an amazing photo opportunity.

The best things you can do near by Oriental bay

Zoo in wellington [4.6 Km away from Oriental Bay]

Wellington Zoo is situated around 4.6 km away from Oriental Bay, Wellington. It takes roughly 9 minutes if you go via Riddiford St which is the fastest route. After Auckland Zoo, Wellington Zoo is New Zealand’s biggest zoo. The zoo has been around for nearly a century and is a popular weekend visit in Wellington.

wellington zoo
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The zoo is home to huge creatures such as lions, tigers, and zebras, but don’t miss the adorable silhouette of New Zealand’s national bird, the kiwi! The kiwi, a nocturnal species, is housed in a nocturnal animal housing with poor illumination – a structure named “Dark World” that is hidden in the verdant forest. Your eyes cannot adjust to the darkness the moment you enter the house. After acclimating, you may observe the fascinating sight of kiwis pecking their food with their large beaks.

Korokoro Dam [17.7 km ]

The Oriental Bay is 10.9 miles away from the Korokoro Dam, which is roughly 20 minutes drive via State Highway 2. This dam is a 2.6-kilometer circular walk near Lower Hutt, Wellington. It takes an average of 54 minutes to finish this fairly difficult course. Because this is a popular place for hiking, running, and strolling, you’ll very certainly run into other people while exploring. The route is available all year and is a great place to come at any time. Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a leash.

Staglands Wildlife Reserve [53.1 km away from Oriental Bay]

Staglands Wildlife Reserve is approximately 53.1 km away from Oriental Bay Beach. It takes around 54 minutes via Akatarawa Rd. and State Highway 2. The Staglands Wildlife Reserve is located around an hour’s drive from downtown Wellington and is great for family activities. John Simister founded Staglands Wildlife Reserve in the scenic Akatarawa Valley in Wellington in 1972.

Oriental bay beach
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Long before it became a reality, the Reserve had its origins in this childhood. Its construction required the constant and precise re-cycling and molding of 25 acres of bush, farmland, water, and hundreds of tons of clay into an exquisite natural habitat for rare, iconic, and endangered species. Moreover, the reserve also provides a cafe or restaurant inside the area. You can explore the site by eating at the same time.

Taputeranga Marine Reserve [9.1 km]

Taputeranga Marine Reserve is 5.6 miles away from Oriental Bay, and it takes around 15 minutes to reach the destination. Taputeranga Marine Reserve is just 6 kilometers from CBD Wellington. It is easily accessible and provides chances for snorkeling, scuba diving, and strolling.

Taputeranga Marine Reserve
Source: Taputeranga Marine Reserve

Keep our marine reserves safe. Keep in mind that

  • There will be no fishing of any type.
  • Take or kill no aquatic life.
  • No marine life or materials should be removed or disturbed.
  • Feeding fish disrupts their normal behavior.
  • When anchoring, use caution to prevent injuring the sea floor.

Mount Victoria [1.7 km]

Mt. Victoria is 1.05 miles away from Oriental Bay, which is a 5-minute drive. Tourists all over New Zealand come to visit this unique place. Mount Victoria This place is popular for sight-seeing; you can see Wellington City from the heights. Mount Victoria is surrounded by the harbour and the ocean to the south. Alexandra Road provides car and bus access, while Oriental Parade and Majoribanks Street provide pedestrian trails. You can also hike to the top of mountains. It has separate hiking trails.

mt victoria, wellington
mt victoria


You all may not know that Oriental Bay, is man-made beach where you can enjoy marine life. It is one of the largest suburbs and a popular tourist attraction. Once in a life you must visit this place and you will get to know better.


  1. Is there a restaurant near Oriental Bay?

    Yes, there are many cuisines which are available on this beach.

  2. Is camping available at Oriental Bay Beach?

    No, it is strictly prohibited to camp near that area because there is a high risk of tides.

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