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Dashain Nepali FestivalEssay on Dashain

Vijaya Dashami – विजया दशमी, पन्चमी दशमी अथवा बिजया दशमीको रूपमा पनि पुराणिकता गरिएको छ। यस पर्व नेपालको सबैभन्दा महत्त्वपूर्ण पर्वमा पर्छ र यसको साथै यो पर्व नेपालको अत्यन्त सान्कृतिकता र पर्व पनि पर्छ। यस दिन लक्ष्मी, देवी दुर्गा, र गरुड जस्ता देवताहरूका पूजा गरिन्छ र विजया दशमीको रूपमा भक्तहरु शुभकामना, र शक्ति सञ्चार गर्दछन्। यस पर्वमा विशेष रूपमा शस्त्र पूजा गरिएको हुन्छ। यस पर्वमा नेपालका विभिन्न पुर्वोत्तर पर्व पनि मनाइएको छ l Essay on Dashain

Essay on Dashain – Dashain, also known as Vijaya Dashami in Sanskrit, is a prominent Hindu religious festival celebrated in Nepal and the Indian states of Sikkim and West Bengal. It is also observed by Hindus in Nepal as well as around the world. It is typically celebrated in the months of Ashwin or Kartik, or in October as per lunar calendar. It is the greatest and most important festival in the Bikram Sambat and Nepal Sambat yearly calendars.

Essay on Dashain
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In Nepal, it is also recognized as the country’s biggest celebration and the longest national/public holiday, lasting 9 days. It is Nepal’s most anticipated celebration. People come home from all over the world, as well as from all across the country, to celebrate together. During the celebration, all government offices, educational institutions, transportation medium and private offices are closed. Specially, students get one month holiday for Dashain and Tihar.

Essay on Dashain Nepali Festival -नेपाली बडा दशैं – 340 words Essay

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Dashain is sometimes referred to as ‘Bada Dashain’ or ‘Vijaya Dashami’. Dashain is celebrated as a symbol of the triumph of virtue or truth over vice or deception. According to Hindu Mythology, the Dashain festival has been held since Lord Ram and Goddess Durga crushed Ravan and the demons. Durga is revered as the goddess of power.

Dashain is a 10-day festival celebrated in Nepal during the month of Aswin (September). Every day has its own set of traditions and activities. The celebration begins with Ghatasthapana and concludes with Vijaya Dashami. On Ghatasthapana, people sow rice and barley seeds in a holy part of their house to cultivate Jamara seedlings.The first nine days of the celebration are known as Navaratri.

During this time, the goddess Durga is worshiped. The seventh day is known as Fulpati, and it is on this day that Jamara is taken from the Gorkha Durbar to the Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu with the assistance of the priest. People sacrifice goats, ducks, buffaloes, and other birds and animals to the Goddess Durga from Fulpati (8th day) until the 9th day. They revere the Goddess Durga’s image, and some even go to temples. They do it in order to bestow her with power and fortune. The major day of the Tika, the 10th day, is known as Vijaya Dashami.

People get Tika (red-colored rice seeds) on their foreheads, Jamara on their heads, and the blessings of the elders on this day. They are blessed with prosperous health, happiness, career growth, wealth, and longevity. People buy new clothing, visit relatives, and eat excellent cuisine.

Dashain holiday increases our delight, however some individuals see it as an opportunity to compete by borrowing money. According to our throat, we must swallow the bone (घाटी हेरि हाड निल्नु). It is also wrong to sacrifice innocent creatures in the name of the goddess Durga during the festival. We must recognize that murdering those animals would not satisfy the goddess, but rather eliminating our bad ideas and acts will. Dashain can only be joyful for everyone after that.

Essay on Dashain
Essay on Dashain

Ghatasthapana (घटस्थापना) : Day 1

Dashain officially begins with Ghatasthpana (घटस्थापना). It literally means to place a kalash or a pot, which represents the goddess of Durga. Ghatasthpana is celebrated on the first day of the festival. The Kalash is filled with holy water and sewn with barley seeds on this day. The Kalash is then placed in the center of a rectangular sand block. The remaining sand bed has also been sown with grains. The priest then begins the puja shouting mantra representing goddess Durga. This ceremony is conducted at a certain favorable hour indicated by astrologers. During Navaratri, the goddess is said to stay in the pot or vessel.

Phulpati (फूलपाती) : Day 7

Phulpati (फूलपाती) is an important part of festival held on the seventh day of Dashain. Phulpati is made up of two words: phul (फूल), which means flower, and pati (पाती), which means leaf. On this day, the assistants of the Gorkha Durbar bring the royal Kalash, banana stalks, Jamara, and sugarcane wrapped with red fabric from Gorkha, a three-day hike around 169 kilometers from Kathmandu Valley. Hundreds of government officials and Army in traditional ceremonial attire assemble at the Tundikhel grounds to observe the occasion.

Essay on Dashain
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The king used to watch the ritual from Tundikhel as the Phulpati parade passed by on its way to the Hanuman Dhoka royal residence. Then there is a magnificent performance by the Nepalese Army, followed by a cheerful fire of weapons that lasts ten to fifteen minutes in honor of Phulpati. By the time the event concludes at Tundikhel, where a procession is staged, the Phulpati has been transported to the Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace.

Maha Asthami (महा अष्टमी) : Day 8:

The eighth day is referred to as Maha Asthami. This is the day when the bloodthirsty Kali, the most ferocious of Goddess Durga’s forms, is appeased in temples across the country by the sacrifice of buffaloes, goats, chickens, and ducks. Blood, a sign of fertility, is presented to the Goddesses. The night of this day is appropriately named Kal Ratri (Black Night), after the avatar of Durga worshipped on this day. On this day, buffaloes are also slaughtered in the courtyards of all land revenue offices around the country. The historic palace in Kathmandu Durbar Square, as well as the presidential palace, are very busy at night, with devotion and sacrifices taking place in nearly every courtyard.

Maha Navami (महा नवमी): Day 9:

The ninth day of Dashain is known as Maha Navami, which means the great ninth day in english. This will be the final day of Navaratri. On this day, ceremonies and rituals are at almost last stage. Formal ceremonial sacrifices of the Nepal Armed Forces are held in the Kot courtyard of one of the Hanuman Dhoka royal palaces. In the presence of the Army Staff, the state provides buffalo sacrifices with 21-gun salute is fired in the backdrop. Members of the eliminated demon army try to rescue themselves by hiding in the bodies of animals and fowls on this day, which is also known as demon-hunting day.

Bijaya Dashami (विजया दशमी) : Day 10:

Bijayadashami is the tenth day of the festival. On this day, a rice, yogurt, and vermilion concoction is cooked. Tika (टिका) is the name given to this preparation. Dashain tika timing varies from year to year. Elders place this tika and Jamara (जमरा) seeded in the Ghatasthapana (घटस्थापना) on the foreheads of younger relatives in order to bless them with wealth in the future years. Red also represents the blood that binds the family and the community together.

Essay on Dashain
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Elders give Dakshina (दक्षिणा), or a modest sum of money, to younger family members during this period, along with blessings. This is continued for five days until the full moon, during which time families and relatives visit one another to share presents and greetings.

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  1. What is Dashain mean in Nepal?

    Dashain is the greatest festival celebrated by Hindu as well Buddhist for 10 day in Nepal or all around the globe.

  2. Why Dashain is celebrated?

    Dashain is celebrated the day the goddess Durga defeated the Mahishasura demons and Lord Ram defeated Ravana for kidnapping Goddess Sita.

  3. How many days Tika is observed?

    Tika starts from Bijaya Dashami until the full moon.

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