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Overview about Ilam (illam)

Ilam or Illam, is one of the four urban towns in Ilam District, which is located in Koshi Pradesh’s hilly region in eastern Nepal. Ilam is also the administrative center for the Ilam District. Ilam, often known as the land of the Queen’s Hill, is a lovely highland district in Nepal’s east part. The valley of the sunrise in Nepal is most renowned for its tea plantations all over the world, located 600 kilometers east of the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

llam is also home to a variety of bird and animal species, including the endangered Red Panda. In simple terms, if you are a tea garden lover, take a Tea Garden Tour and catch the beauty of surrounding surroundings, where many cultures and environments coexist peacefully on the foothills of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Maipokhari in Illam

Mai Pokhari is a lake in Nepal’s Ilam District that was identified as a Ramsar site on October 28, 2008. It serves as a Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site. The lake within the wetland that reflects green waters has a perimeter of about one kilometer and is accessible by boat. The Maipokhari Botanical Garden, which has a rock garden, an orchid house, flora collected from several locations of eastern Nepal, and a green house, is located on the lake’s edge.

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Siddhi Thumka

You will be able to capture the magnificent view of Sunrise and Sunset from a location called Sidhi Thumka in Illam, after 2.5 hours of trekking from Illam city. The area is well-known for its sunset and dawn views, as well as panoramic views of the Kangchenjunga and Everest summits and ranges such as the Mahabharat and Churia ranges. Pankhelung Falls, Khnadrung Cave, Falgunanda Manghim Fulbari, Singhadevisthan, Namthala, and Ratopani Temple are among renowned Siddhi Thumka locations.

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Gajurmukhi Temple Ilam

Gajurmukhi Temple, also known as Devisthan, is a widely recognized religious monument in Nepal’s Eastern Region, located in the riverbed of the Deumai River, west of Illam market. Individuals who worship at the Gajurmukhi Devisthan are said to be blessed with a child if the parent does not have child, also that persons who are unable to speak will beblessed with voice. This region also has a Shivalaya Temple devoted to Lord Shiva, which draws a large number of Indian pilgrims. In this culturally diverse location, the Limbu community’s culture and rituals have been preserved.

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The historical cave where the missing man was discovered after regaining his voice with the mystical powers of the stone was believed to be the primary attraction of this location. This location is already gaining prominence as one of the most picturesque trekking routes in Eastern Nepal, with a 4-hours walk. The eye-pleasing sights and lush high hills visible throughout this route contribute to the trail’s experience.

Shree Antu Illam

Antu Danda, in addition to the lovely tea gardens, is another attraction in the neighborhood. Antu Danda, also known as Shree Antu, is an excellent location for seeing the dawn. Antu Danda, located at an elevation of 1,677m, is one of Illam’s newest tourist sites. Aside from the sunrise and sunset, Antu Hill provides visitors with a view of other Himalayan peaks and locations in Nepal and India.

It also provides spectacular views of Everest and Kanchenjunga. This stunning location, located 3 hours drive from Bazaar, provides terraced tea plantations, mountain streams, lush woods, and a distinct ethnic culture. Other tourist sites on the outskirts are the Nageshwori Temple and Gufapatal.

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shree antu hill

It is also well-known for paying guests and home stays. native residents serve native meals and Antu tea during house stays. Similarly, you can take pleasure sleeping experience in the traditional wooden cottages as well as become more acquainted with the eastern area customs and traditions for which Shree Antu Eco-cultural Tourism destination is famous.

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Every home stay has its own gorgeous garden with a variety of flowers, including Antu’s signature orchid. Shree Antu’s other important attractions are Antu Danda, Antu Pond, Gufapatal, Mechi River, Nageshwori, Lepcha community and Lepcha museum, Tea and Tea industries, and Flowers. Visitors may have a fantastic day touring tea gardens, cycling and horseback riding, and learning about the entire tea producing process.


Sandakpur is a historical site and the most beautiful high point of the Singalia Ridge in Darjeeling district, near the West Bengal-Nepal border. It is the highest mountain in the Indian state of West Bengal, and is located on the outskirts of Singalila National Park (India side).

From its top, you can see four of the world’s tallest mountains: Mount Everest, Kanchanjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu. It also provides a stunning view of the Kanchanjungha Range. The significance of this location is that we can observe three distinct nations at the same time, Nepal includes India and Bhutan. The Sandakpur trek is more popular in India than in Nepal. Later on, it was able to draw Neplease attention as well as other foreigners .

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Popular spots in Sandakpur Trail are –

  • Chitra Gumba
  • Kali Pokhari
  • Tumling

Chintaphu Trek

The first path across Nepal leads the tourist through the wonderfully adorned villages of Illam district, exquisite Buddhist prayer flags, monasteries, and a nostalgic period of trekkers. Unlike Sandakphu, where one travels via interconnecting paths between India and Nepal, the Chintaphu route traverses wholly through Nepal before ending in India.

The path passes through scenic villages in Nepal’s Mechi zone, such as Maipokhri, Maimajuwa, Torkey Falls, Goruwaleybhanjyang, and ultimately to the Chintaphu peak. The only journey in the Himalayas where trekkers may see four of the world’s highest peaks, namely Everest, Makalu, and Lhotse, as well as the stunning huge vista of KhanchenDzonga (Kanchenjunga), leaves the tourist fascinated. This trail extends across Nepal, and trekking through the rural parts of Nepal could be a great experience.

Pathivara Darsan

Pathibhara temple is one of Nepal’s most important and famous religious pilgrimage destinations, located in the Taplejung region of the country’s eastern belt. This temple and Goddess are thought to be the most powerful and positive in Nepal, and it is one of the Shakti Peeth. Pathivara pilgrimage site, dedicated to the goddess of trust and purity which is located in Taplejung district, 19.4 kilometers northeast of Fungling.

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pathivara darsan

Pilgrims can also stop by monasteries at Olangchung Gola and Lungchung. Every year, throughout autumn and spring, the waterfall at Sawa and the pond at Timbung are worth seeing. Wildlife, birds, flowers, and butterflies abound in the woodland habitat along the trail. This trip provides views of the whole Kanchanjunga range.

Kanyam Tea Garden Ilam

Kanyam is a lovely hillside peak in eastern Nepal. It is well-known for its tea, with the Illam Mountains home to a variety of beautiful and rich tea plants. Kanyam, Illam, aside from the stunning views of the tea plantations, has a varied range of attractions. Kanyam is also renowned as Eastern Nepal’s most popular picnic location. Because of its stunning natural beauty, it is known as the Queen of Eastern Nepal. Every year, thousands of people come to enjoy the mild climate and abundant flora and fauna. The magnificent tea gardens, pine trees, mesmerizing natural beauty, horseback riding, friendly population, and rich cultural and traditional inheritance are the key attractions of this place.

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Todke Jharna

Todke waterfall is situated in the Maimajhuwa hills near Mai lake in the Illam district. The Mai River gets its nourishment by the fall. It is measured 85 meters tall. The fall is reachable by foot from the district headquarters. The local government is working to boost tourism in the region by building roads and housing near the waterfall.

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  1. What is Ilam famous for?

    Illam is famous for Tea production. large number of tea are grown in eastern part of Nepal.

  2. What is the temperature of Ilam?

     The yearly temperature of district is recorded 28.31ºC. The maximum temperature was recorded 22.8 °C however minimum was recorded 18.7 °C.

  3. How is the weather situation of Ilam?

    Despite the subtropical climate of Ilam, it offers pleasant weather through out the year, with the exception of the monsoon season, when heavy precipitation, the ideal time to come is between October and December, or February and April.

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