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NameAanchal Sharma
DOBMay 24, 1995
HusbandUdip Shrestha
Ex BoyfriendPaul Shah
MoviesNai Nabhannu La 4, Johny Gentleman
ParentsUttam Dawadi & Mira Dawadi
Instagram follower781k
Facebook follower831k

Aanchal Sharma, an actress, was a showstopper at the 11th session of the IEC Designer Runway in Kathmandu. She wore the Valkyries’ segment dress. The clothing was created by an IEC college student.

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Overview about Aanchal Sharma

Aanchal was born on May 24, 1995, in Kathmandu, Nepal. She had two siblings. She was born from Uttam Dawadi & Mira Dawadi. Aanchal Sharma is a Nepalese film actress, model, and television host. She made her Nepali cinema debut in the film Nai Nabhannu La 4, directed by Bikash Raj Acharya.

Aanchal competed in the Miss SLC beauty pageant in 2013. She finished fourth in the competition. Aanchal competed in Miss +2 Nepal in 2015 and won the title. In addition to the championship, she was named Best Personality. Aanchal was also named a brand ambassador for the Dhamala business, a commercial business.

She married Udip Shrestha in 2020. She fell in love with Udip Shrestha, a successful businessman and well-known doctor. They were together for around two years. In Nepal, they held the most incredible wedding ceremony ever.

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Aanchal Sharma’s career

She made her Nepali film debut in Bikash Acharya’s Nai Nabhannu La 4, directed by Bikash Raj Acharya. She starred in Shatru Gate and The Johny Gentleman in 2018. Aanchal appeared in the Hindi music video, Teri Meri Dastaan. Aanchal was chosen after an audition process for the movie’s artists.

Aanchal had no music videos or advertising to her name before starring in the film. Aanchal claims that winning Miss +2 Nepal had nothing to do with her getting cast in the film.

Aanchal’s part in the film is believed to be brief, as the film also stars two more senior actresses, Priyanka Karki and Barsha Raut. Aanchal expresses her delight at having a key role in such a big-budget film.

Movies career

2016Nai Nabhannu La 4NepaliAanchalDebut movie
2017Johny GentlemanShree
2018Shatru GateSandhya
2019Daal, Bhaat, and TarkariPinky
2022Jhingye DauRadha
HitmanTeluguPriyankaTollywood movie

In the recent WOWNEPAL interview she mentioned about planning for family and her acting career.

Aanchal expressed her desire to live in the present and mentioned that when she has children, she intends to dedicate all his attention to them for a few years. she emphasized his reluctance to miss out on the joy associated with it, such as the first word they utter or their initial steps. These moments held significant importance for her as an individual. Despite that, she conveyed immense respect for working mothers, acknowledging the remarkable way they handle and balance their personal and professional lives. Nevertheless, she concluded by stating that the decision to be or not to be always remains a matter of choice.

When interviewer asked her about gender aquality exists or not?

Aanchal expressed her view, stating that the persistence of such questions highlights the considerable distance yet to be covered in achieving gender equality. She firmly believed that the significance lies in the smaller actions that can have a substantial impact. Women who choose to live life on their own terms, according to her observation, still face judgment as being disrespectful and lacking in character. In contrast, she noted that a man making similar choices is often celebrated as a leader and considered independent. Such men are elevated to the status of role models, almost worshipped by society. In her assessment, the journey toward gender equality in our society is still extensive and requires significant progress

When asked about the experimenting the roles?

She mentioned that she has often been typecast, typically receiving offers for romantic and bubbly girl roles that the audience has already seen her portray. Casting directors tend to find it convenient to cast her in such roles due to the perceived lack of risk involved. Expressing a desire for experimentation, she articulated her interest in taking on action and female-oriented characters. She stated her intention to use her films as a platform to address various social issues in the country.

Specifically, she aimed to shed light on the distressing issue of the rape of young girls within their own homes. Referring to numerous news stories about children being assaulted by their fathers, she expressed a commitment to raising awareness about such appalling incidents through the medium of films.

An actor you admire in the film industry

Paul Shah

A director you want to work with

Bikash Raj Acharya


  1. Who was the ex-boyfriend of Aanchal Sharma (Dawadi)?

    The ex-boyfriend of Aanchal Sharma was Paul Shah.

  2. Who are the parents of Aanchal Sharma (Dawadi)?

    Uttam Dawadi & Mira Dawadi are the parents of Aanchal Sharma (Dawadi).

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