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On my last blog, I discussed about the Top place to visit in Dharan in 2024. This time I will write about Mahendranagar, which is also called the planned city by King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. His vision designed the present city.
Bhimdatta is situated in the far-western region of Nepal, specifically in the Kanchanpur district within the Mahakali Zone. Being just 5 kilometers to the east of the Indian border, the city plays a vital role as a trade hub connecting the two nations. The area around Bhimdatta experiences a subtropical climate characterized by warm summers and mild winters. The landscape is predominantly flat, with occasional small hills.

Top Attractions in you can see in Mahendranagar are listed below-

Royal Suklaphanta National Park

Previously identified as the Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, the Shuklaphanta National Park stands out as a prominent tourist destination in proximity to Bhimdatta. Encompassing an area of 305 square kilometers, the park shelters a diverse range of wildlife, such as Asiatic elephants, one-horned rhinoceroses, and Bengal tigers. Boasting a recorded count of more than 350 bird species, the park is a haven for bird enthusiasts. Nearby attractions include remnants of the old Khas Kingdom and local temples within the Bhimdatta municipality, including the Mahakali Temple.

mahendranagar bhimdatta top places to visit Suklaphanta national park

Dodhara Chandani Suspension Bridge : A Lifeline for Local Communities

The Chandani Dodhara Bridge, also known as the Mahakali Bridge, is a 1,496.5-meter-long suspension bridge designed to connect Nepal’s sole island, the border villages of Chandani Dodhara in far western Nepal, with the rest of the country. Spanning the Mahakali River in Nepal, the Dodhara Chandani Bridge is a remarkable feat of engineering. This multi-span pedestrian suspension bridge, officially named Dodhara Chandani Multispan Pedestrian Bridge, boasts a length of 1496.5 meters, making it the longest of its kind in Nepal. It gracefully connects the villages of Dodhara and Chandani, previously separated by the river’s flow.

Chandani Dodhara Bridge in Mahendranagar bhimdatta nagar

Prior to the bridge’s construction, locals were dependent on unreliable and expensive vendors to cross the river, hindering their daily lives and economic potential. The Dodhara Chandani Bridge has not only provided a safe and convenient passage but also unlocked new avenues for prosperity, significantly impacting the lives of countless individuals within the community.

Jhilmil Taal

One of the top attractions in Mahendranagar (Bhimdatta) is Jhilmila Lake. Jhilmila Taal is best tourist destination in Farwest Mahendranagar. Jhilmila Lake, situated in the Bhimdatta Municipality of Kanchanpur District, Nepal, is a natural lake covering an area of 4.3 hectares. Positioned at an altitude of approximately 668 meters, the lake reaches a maximum depth of 9 meters. Encompassing a basin area of 40.2 hectares, the lake’s surroundings include marshes and meadows.

jhilmila Taal bhimdatta mahendranagar
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The lake is encircled by a deciduous forest primarily featuring sal, pine, and rhododendron trees. Additionally, it serves as a habitat for numerous aquatic animals, with a particular emphasis on diverse fish species.

Bedkot Lake

Bedkot Taal is located 12 km to the north of Daiji along the picturesque Mahendra Highway. Bedkot Lake is a mesmerizing jewel enveloped by verdant forests and nestled in the embrace of Chure Hill. With its serene, magnificent, and tranquil ambiance, this enchanting lake draws in numerous local and international visitors daily from the Kailali and Kanchanpur district.

bedkot Taal in bhimdatta Mahendranagar

Aircraft Museum

Bed Upreti, a commercial pilot and former Nepalese Army member, established Nepal’s Aircrafts Museum with the aim of promoting tourism and raising awareness in the remote far-west region of Nepal. In its initial years of operation, the museum has left a lasting impression on visitors who embark on a pilgrimage to experience the captivating intersection of aviation and culture. This Aircraft is one of the top attraction of Mahendranagar (Bhimdatta nagar)

Nestled within the fuselage of a 100-seater aircraft once belonging to the now-defunct Cosmic Air, the museum’s entrance welcomes visitors with a sign instructing them to remove their shoes. After complying, the aircraft door opens, revealing a man in a flight attendant’s uniform who extends a warm greeting to all.

During the tour, visitors encounter an abundance of more than 200 models of commercial and fighter jets adorning the walls of the aircraft. What makes these miniature replicas unique is that they were crafted by local children. This collection is a manifestation of Bed Upreti’s community outreach program, designed to kindle the interest of young individuals in aviation. The enthusiasm generated by the Aircrafts Museum among new visitors to the region serves as the driving force behind this initiative.

Baba Siddhanath Temple 

The ancient Siddhanath temple is situated to the south of a locality known as Tudi Khel in Mahendranagar Municipality, Kanchanpur. The Siddhanath deities, enshrined at Tudikhel, predate the rule of King Brahmadev from the Katyuri dynasty. The temple, dedicated to Siddhanath Baba at Brahmadev Kanchanpur, was built using stones sourced from this location. Additionally, the Baijnath temple houses Purnagiri and Kalika Devi (Kalpaththe). The Purnagiri Mata temple is located to the west of the Mahakali River, while the Trishuli cave is situated to the east of the river.

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