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Dharan Nepal has earned the moniker of “fashion city” due to the widely held belief that a significant portion of its youth are aficionados of style. Dharan (धरान) is a sub-metropolitan city in the Sunsari District of Koshi Province, Nepal, that was formed as the Kingdom’s fourth municipality in 1958. After Biratnagar and Itahari, it is the third most populated city in eastern Nepal. For an extended period, this association dominated the city’s image. However, outsiders may not be aware that Dharan boasts numerous sites of religious and cultural significance, making it a potential attraction for tourists.

Top 5 places to visit in Dharan Nepal


Have you ever envisioned a temple in Nepal without traditional statues? Or considered a sacred place where offerings to the gods include alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco? The Budhasubba Temple in Bijayapur, Dharan Nepal, is one such distinctive temple. Devotees who come to pay their respects sometimes bring offerings like a pig’s head. The temple’s unusual practices attract visitors who believe in its wish-granting abilities. Even individuals who abstain from drinking or smoking visit Budhasubba, laden with alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco. The bamboo cluster in front of the temple is particularly popular among lovers, who believe that carving their names on the bamboo bark ensures the immortality of their love.

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Bhedetar is situated at the border of Sunsari and Dhankuta, making it one of the prominent destinations in the eastern region. Positioned at an elevation of 1,420 meters above sea level, Bhedetar experiences a cool climate throughout the year, providing a stark contrast to the tropical weather of Dharan during the summer. In close proximity is Shailung Danda, commonly referred to as Charles’ Point since it gained its name after a visit by British Prince Charles in 1981.

bhedetar at dharan nepal
bhedetar source: mithun kunwar

This hill offers panoramic views of lush hills to the south and snow-capped peaks to the north. The area has flourished, boasting around 80 hotels and restaurants. A short 25-minute drive from Bhedetar takes you to the renowned Namaste Waterfall, an attractive side trip worth considering.

Given Bhedetar’s status as one of Dharan Nepal’s top tourist destinations, there is a diverse range of accommodation options available. Hotels in the area cater to various budget ranges, with establishments like Hotel Buddha Inn, Bhedetar Village Resort, and Lawati Corner ready to welcome visitors during their stay.

Pindeshwore Baba Dham

The origin of this temple predates even that of the Pashupati Temple, but its founder and the exact founding date remain uncertain. Hindu scriptures, including the Veda, Upanishad, and Skanda Mahapurana, provide detailed descriptions of the temple. The temple draws Hindu pilgrims in droves throughout the month of July, notably Bolbam pilgrims traveling from India and other South Asian nations.

Pindeshwore Baba Dham at dharan nepal
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Nestled amid the picturesque hills of Bijaypur in Dharan Nepal is the Dantakali Temple. During the Dashain festival, the temple attracts a large number of devotees, particularly during Naatri. Additionally, on the occasion of Maha Asthami, ritualistic sacrifices of he-goats take place within the temple premises. This temple holds significance as one of the major Shakti Peeths in Nepal, dedicated to Sati Devi, the consort of Lord Shiva. According to legend, following the demise of his wife, Lord Shiva wandered aimlessly around the earth, carrying her lifeless body on his shoulder.

dantakalai temple dharan
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Namje Community

The majority of Namje’s residents belong to the Magar community, and the liveliness of their culture is prominently displayed during festivals and ceremonies. Namje Community Homestay is situated in the hills of eastern Nepal and belonging to the ethnic Magar community, serves as an excellent midway point on the journey to Ilam.

There are several homestays managed by locals that provide organic fruits and vegetables harvested by farmers. Try the native chicken soup, teen pane kodo ko raksi (millet alcoholic drink), pig sekuwa (pork barbecue), and dried buff meat while you’re here.


Bhedetaar stands out as a highly attractive tourist destination along the route to Dhojedanda. Located 13 kilometers from Dharan, there are various routes to reach Bhedetaar from Dharan Nepal. Dhojedanda of Dadabazar, situated atop Danda Bazaar in the Dhankuta District, stands as the second-highest renowned hill after Antu Danda in the Illam District. It serves as an excellent vantage point for witnessing the splendid views of both sunrise and sunset.

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Following a visit to the mentioned locations, one can head to Dadabazaar in the evening, just as the sun starts to set. The primary attraction of this hilltop marketplace is the breathtaking sunset view. Positioned at an elevation of 2250 meters above sea level, the hill provides a panoramic sight of renowned snow-capped peaks like Sagarmatha, Makalu, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, and Kumbhakarna, among others.

Gurkha Memorial Park

The Gurkha Memorial Park is situated to the northwest of Dharan bazaar (Dharan Nepal), nestled on the lush ‘Machha Mara Danda’ at an elevation of 600 meters, approximately 4 km from ‘Mangalbare.’ Access to the park involves crossing the Sardu Khola, a small river. The local authorities have approved the construction of a bridge over the Sardu Khola and the development of a motorable road leading to the park. This infrastructure project is expected to take around four years for full completion. Currently, there is an unpaved road suitable for 4-wheel-drive vehicles and cars with high ground clearance that provides access to the park.

gorkha park at dharan
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Spanning an area exceeding 7.438 acres, the Gurkha Memorial Park was obtained through donations and contributions from both active and retired members of the Brigade of Gurkhas. Presently, construction is actively underway at the central focal point of the park, positioned at its highest elevation.

Dharan clock tower

The Dharan Clock Tower stands as a distinctive landmark in Dharan, Nepal, constructed as part of the city’s twenty-year plan with an estimated cost of Rs. 5,639,000. Located at Dharan-6, Bhanuchowk, the financial support for the project is sourced from The Dharan Hong Kong Manch, a forum of Nepalese immigrants, primarily from Dharan to Hong Kong and Macao. The construction of the tower is undertaken by the local company Amrit Nirman Sewa Ltd.

clock tower at dharan nepal
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Modelled after the Clock Tower in Hong Kong, the Dharan Clock Tower is designed to be 76.5 feet high, with a pinnacle at 55 feet. A platform encircling the tower will be constructed, providing space for approximately 50 people to enjoy panoramic views of the city. Adjacent to the tower’s north side, a park is planned in remembrance of the victims of the 1988 earthquake that devastated the city, reducing it to ruins and claiming the lives of nearly 5000 urban residents. The Dharan Clock Tower stands as a striking and meaningful structure in Dharan.

Things to do in Dharan Nepal

  1. Swimming at Sardu Khola and Seuti Khola
  2. Tour in Dharan city
  3. Sightseeing at historic sites and hills
  4. Temple Visit
  5. Dharan view point
  6. Bhedetar View Tower
  7. Hariyali Park
  8. B.P. Park / Osho Park


  1. What is Dharan famous for?

    Dharan is known as place British Gurkha as many young people join british as well as indian army in Gorkha battalion.


The top place to visit in Dharan Nepal

Top Things to do in Dharan Nepal

Popular places to see in Dharan Nepal

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