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Dhangadhi (धनगढी) is a sub-metropolitan city and the district seat of Kailali District in Nepal’s Sudurpashchim Province. It is bounded on the south by Uttar Pradesh, India; on the north by Godawari and Gauriganga Municipality; on the east by Kailari Rural Municipality; and on the west by Kanchanpur District. Dhangadhi is a sub-metropolis of 19 wards.[4] It has a population of roughly 147,181 people and is thus Nepal’s tenth largest city. It covers 261.75 km2 (101.06 sq mi). It, along with Mahendranagar, is a prominent city in Nepal’s Far West Province.

Dhangadhi was founded in 1976. It became the far west’s first sub-metropolitan city after being upgraded from municipality to sub-metropolis status on September 18, 2015, when the village development committees Fulbari and Urma were merged into Dhangadhi, and later wards 9 and 11 of the former Attariya Municipality were also merged. There is a story. Due to the dread of thieves, Rana Tharu of Dhangadhi used to conceal their valuables under the earth. That is why city’s name remained Dhangadhi.

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Cultural Heritage

Historic Sites

Some of the famous historic site situated in this area are-

Shivapuri Dham Temple.
Behada Baba Temple.
Tikapur Park

Ethnic Group in Dhangadhi

Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City has a population of 149,818 according to the 2011 Nepal census. Based on that census, we have a population of different ethnic groups living in Kailali.

Tharu (37%)
Hill Brahman (17%)
Chhetri (21%)
Thakuri (6%)
Kami (6%)
Magar (3%)
Others (12%)

Places to visit in Dhangadhi

Jokhar Lake and Botanical Garden

Dewahariya Botanical Garden, located in Kailali’s Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city-7, has become a popular destination for domestic visitors. The Botanical Research Center reports that 26,060 people visited the garden in the first three months of the current fiscal year. According to the Botanical Research Center, the observation generated around Rs. 5 lakh in revenues in a year. Domestic visitors have begun to visit the garden on a daily basis since it was organized. This garden has about 200 plants. From Sal Saj to Harro Herb, and so forth. Gangadat Bhatta, the center’s director, stated that domestic visitors, students, and others come to observe. The main attraction of the place is Jokhar Taal. People come to the boat in Jokhar Taal.


Godawari (गोदावरी), previously known as Attariya Municipality, is a municipality in Nepal’s Kailali District. Godawari, in fact, is thought to be a holy area with religious significance for a long time. This is a well-known pilgrimage site in the far west. The spit is located on the banks of the sacred Godawari river, which is the focal center of Hindu devotion.

Godawari kailali
Godawari source wiki

Tikapur Park

Tikapur Park (Tikapur Great Garden) is a tourist destination in Tikapur, Nepal. It is situated on the banks of the Karnali River and provides visitors with a variety of flowers and plants. The river has a boating facility and a handful of beaches where visitors may swim or sunbathe. It was once the royal residence of the late King Birendra.

Tikapur park
tikapur park

Tikapur Park
tikapur park

This region is not only one of Tikapur’s most famous tourist spots, but it also has considerable historical significance. King Mahendra spent a month here in 1971, governing the kingdom while recovering from a sickness he acquired while hunting in Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve. Doctors suggested he relax in the parking lot since the air was claimed to originate directly from Mansarobar in Tibet, pouring down the Karnali River.

Shivpuri Dham and Behada Baba Temple

Shivpuri Dham and Behada Baba Temple are the holy sites situated in the city and is devoted to god Shiva. The Behda Baba Temple is about 10 kilometers east of Dhangadhi, the Kailali headquarters, and about 6 kilometers south of Chaumala Bazaar.This location is well-known among Shiva/Mahadev followers. During Ganga Dashara and Maha Shivratri, thousands of saints and people visit this template.

behada baba dhg
Beheda baba temple

Shivapuri Dham, Dhg
Shivapuri dham

Dodhara Chandani Bridge

The Dodhara Chandani Bridge (दोधारा चाँदनी पुल), also known as the Mahakali Bridge, is a pedestrian suspension bridge that spans the Mahakali River in Nepal’s far west. It is only around 1496.5 m long at this point. The Dodhara Chandani Bridge is a series of four suspension bridges with eight pylons that are connected by big anchor blocks on both sides and three common anchor blocks in the river bed.

Suspension bdridge
Suspension bridge

Shuklaphanta National Park

Shuklaphanta National Park is an animal reserve in Nepal’s Terai region, spanning 305 km2 (118 sq mi) of open grasslands, woodlands, riverbeds, and tropical wetlands at elevations ranging from 174 to 1,386 meters. It is surrounded on the west and south by the Mahakali River. A tiny portion stretches north of the Mahendra Highway to establish a wildlife corridor for wildlife movement into the Sivalik Hills during the winter months. It was designated a Royal Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in 1976 and expanded to its current size in the late 1980s.

The park is predicted to include 700 species of vegetation, including 553 vascular plants, 18 pteridophytes, 410 dicots, and 125 monocots. The broad open grasslands and marshes around the park’s lakes provide a diverse diversity of wildlife. The barasingha population in the park’s grasslands is the world’s biggest known population, with 1674 individuals estimated in 2007. This park is home to a variety of mammoths (elephant, tiger, buffalo, rhino, and deer), reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fish.

Karnali River, single-tower Cable Bridge

The asymmetric, single-tower, cable-stayed Karnali Bridge is the second longest of its kind in Nepal and was developed via international collaboration between the United States, Japan, and Nepal. It is the country’s first and only cable-stayed bridge to this day. The bridge spans the Karnali River in western Nepal, connecting the districts of Kailali and Bardiya. Steinman, Boynton, Gronquist, and Birdsall of the United States designed the bridge, which was built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan and funded by the World Bank.

Chisapani Dhangadhi

The bridge is located on the Mahendra Highway near Chisapani, on the boundary of the districts of Kailali and Bardiya. The bridge is 500 kilometers from Kathmandu’s main city and 86 kilometers from the nearest airport facilities at Dhangadhi.


Dhangadhi is well connected to the rest of Nepal as well as the Indian state of UP. Indian and Nepalese nationals are free to cross the international border; however, there is a customs checkpoint for goods and third-country nationals. Buses run frequently between Dhangadhi and Nepali cities. Cycle rickshaws, taxis, and public city buses are examples of local transportation. The Mahakali Highway connects Kailali to many locations in far western Nepal. The country’s longest roadway, the Mahendra Highway, goes through Attariya, which is 6 kilometers from Dhangadhi.

Geta Airport is roughly 660 kilometers west of Kathmandu and 10 kilometers from the administrative headquarters. Flights were available to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bajura, Dipayal Silgadhi, Bajhang, Surkhet, and Achham.

Municipality Contact Address

Contact: 091-521429, 091-520733 
Website: https://www.dhangadhimun.gov.np/
Email: [email protected]
Mayor: Gopal Hamal
Address: Ward No. 1, Park Road


What language is mostly spoken in Dhangadhi?

The majority of the inhabitants in this region speak Tharu as their first language, followed by Nepali, Doteli, Acchami, Magar, Maithili, and Hindi.

What is the temperature in Dhangadhi?

Dhangadhi’s maximum temperature ever recorded was 46.4 °C, and minimum temperature ever recorded was 0.0 °C. The average temperature recorded in Dhangadhi is 30.5°C.

Why is Dhangadhi called the city of cricket?

Every year, the city organizes the highest prize money competition, which is the Dhangadhi Premier League. Fapla International Cricket Stadium is also situated in the city. It is famous for cricket as well.

Who is the Mayor of Dhangadhi?

Gopal Hamal, independent candidate won the election and selected the mayor of Dhangadhi.


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