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Hetauda: A Brief Overview

Hetauda (हेटौडा) is one of the sub-metropolitan cities in Bagmati Province’s Makwanpur District, in the heart of Nepal. It is the headquarters of administration for the Makwanpur District and the provincial capitol of Bagmati Province, as designated by a majority of Provincial Assembly Members (105 out of 110) on January 12, 2020. However, Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It is one of Nepal’s major cities. It has a population of 153,875 people, according to the 2015 Nepal census. In 2021, the city had a population of 195,951. According to history, Hetauda gained its name from Hidimba, a demonic queen who married Bhimsen, according to a Mahabharat narrative.

Cultural Heritage

Historical Sites in Hetauda

Makwanpur boasts several historical sites that preserve the city’s rich past. These archaeological sites are worth exploring, and they hold a special reverence.

Local Festivals

Sindhuli Junar Festival is one of the popular and famous festival which is organized every year. Hetauda Byapar Mela Festival is organized by Makwanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry to promote the local business and industry. The main attraction of this festival are local dishes, shops and concert.

Natural Attractions

Makwanpur Gadhi: The Makwanpur Fort, which has historical and cultural importance, is a valuable asset to the Makwanpur area. The fort is surrounded by a 25-foot-high, 7-foot-wide wall. There is a 10 foot deep canal that was built to defend themselves from their attackers. Some troops were on duty to guard the fort, but there’s no longer any soldiers, and many of the monuments have been destroyed. Among those who suffered loss was the heart of this gadhi, Lord Krishna, also known as Bangashagopal.

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Kalika Temple: Bharyang Kalika Temple is a Hindu temple located at Rakshirang, Makwanpur, Bagmati Province, Nepal. Prashansha Church and the Hindu shrine Shiva Mandir are both close to Bharyang Kalika shrine. Kalika mandir is devoted to goddess Durga who is also know for protection, strength and destruction. Durga is angry form of goddess Parvati.

Top 10 things to do in hetauda 2023 (1)
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Top 10 things to do in Hetauda 2023 (1)
Temple ©wikipedia

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Recreational Activities

Parks and Gardens:

Martyr Memorial Park, or Sahid Smarak (शहीद स्मारक), which was finished in 1994, is one of Makwanpur’s most famous attractions. The park pays tribute to Nepalese victims, ranging from those who perished in British colonial conflicts to those who defeated the Panchayat regime in 1989. A collection of statues of these martyrs sit atop a big boulder; their faces were created by Lalit Kala Campus volunteers who were students.

Top 10 things to do in makwanpur 2023 (1)
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The park is also famous as a picnic site and a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It contains a swimming pool and a zoo with endangered and common wild animals ranging from monkeys to leopards.

Adventure Sports

All forms of games are famous in Makwanpur but most popular one is Football and cricket. Young generation love to play cricket as it has huge followers all over the world. Every year, competition is organized during Dhashin which is biggest festival of Nepal. Winner get Goat with money prize.

Culinary Delights

Local Cuisine:

Many eateries provide traditional cuisine like Daal Bhaat Tarkari, Momo Dumplings, and Chowmein noodles. Thakali set is also famous among the people. It is most preferred dishes in Makwanpur. Fast food such as choila, fried food: meat, fish, sausages, kfc burger are also most popular cuisine you can get in Makwanpur.

Restaurants in Hetauda

Restaurants are one of the main attractions of Hetauda as it serves you varieties of local as well as modern cuisine to food lovers. In each footsteps, you will find restaurant in Makwanpur. Every year, Food festival is organized with concert. People enjoy concert music with food.

Shopping in Makwanpur

Local Markets

There are many Malls and Supermarket with different kinds of shops in Makwanpur. Local shops are most of garments, groceries, footwear, steel, paints, hardware, pot, furniture’s, stationaries, electrical equipment’s, mobile phones and gadgets. Food shops are major attractions in Makwanpur. You can find the cheap its to branded one in the market. Once in a week, you will find the local market specially for local items you can only find in Makwanpur are sold there.

Accommodation Options

There many hotels, motels and resorts available with various prices in Makwanpur. Resorts are also the one of the main attraction of Makwanpur. After long day tour, they can rest and have luxury stay place where you can get only in Hetauda. The hotel price staring from 20$ to more according to facilities.

Municipality Contact Address

Website : https://hetaudamun.gov.np/
Address: Hetauda-05, Makwanpur, Nepal
Contact: ०५७-५२०३७७ 
Email: [email protected]


  1. What are the mode of transportations in Hetauda?

    Buses, auto, tempo, taxi, bicycle, motor bike and plane are the modes of transportations which can be found in Makwanpur.

  2. What is the best time to visit Hetauda?

    The best time to visit Makwanpur is between September and November.

  3. What is Hetauda famous for?

    Hetauda is famous for Makwanpur Gadhi, Shahid Smarak Park, Parsa National Park, Pathibhara Devi Temple.

  4. What are the popular hindu temples in Hetauda?

    The popular Hindu temples are Bhutandevi Temple and Pathibhara Devi Temple.

  5. How is the Hetauda weather?

    The annual temperature in the area is 26.83ºC (80.29ºF), which is 4.83% higher than the national average. Makwanpur gets around 231.78 millimeters (9.13 inches) of rain each year and has 166.84 wet days (45.71% of the time).

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